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About Us

Bear Basics History

The history of Bear Basics began with my husband David’s hunting lifestyle. As a family of 7 we have enjoyed the organic meat from hunting and the greater connection it has given us with our food. We process the meat from every animal that David has harvested ourselves; it really is a family event. I actually started hunting with David a couple years ago, and harvested my first bear. One day my neighbor Elsie asked if we could save some bear fat, so that she could render it into oil. I asked her what she used it for; she said it has been used traditionally for skin care.  I have always been interested in natural products, and new ways to utilize our harvested animals.

Sometime later, my friend Natalie and I made body butter using the rendered bear oil and this turned out to be the only thing that worked well with her fair skinned baby.  I also noticed the benefits of using my homemade body butter. I then gave some to friends and family who have shared many positive experiences with it.

So, now I am pleased to make it available to you, what I regularly use and love!


Note: All bear fat is obtained either from my own hunting efforts, David’s or our oldest son’s efforts. We are also partnered with Stickflingers Manitoba Bowhunts, whom David works for as a hunting guide. So, all Bear Basics products have a very authentic and genuine feel.

Bear Basics is not a drug. It is a traditional remedy for ultimately soft skin!